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February 2, 2009

Aloe Vera : A yummy Vegetarian dish!!

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aloeI had aloe vera sabji ( aloe vera vegetable. ) today.. No joking..  it had a yummy delicious taste.. i was licking my fingers to consume every bit of it…


Till now i jad heard of aloe vera in creams, shampoos and also in the form of juice. 

I remember one day I bought this aloe vera under eye gel from fab india. . A very very small pack a tiny little box for great 200 bucks. Then one of my neighbour enlightened me , “ its there in your pot in ur garden ..  why don’t you use this?? You can eat the pulp as well” .. o teeri .. muje to pataa hi nahi thaa,, I was very excited off course to realize that its available to me dirt cheap and I roamed around the country side for this. I immediately plucked one leaf, scraped it, put the pulp me my mouth .. Watching my face that time would have been a treat. It was sooooo soooo bitter I swore not to try that again.., I never tried to taste that stuff again.. i used the pulp as for massage..


the next adventure was with aloe vera juice.. i bought that from baba ramdev clinic..  thats freezing in my refrigerator for last 7 months now. Its even bitter than the pulp. ..  all the time I kept on wondering, How do people even prescribe that?? Or  I didn’t have the real guts to have it.


And here it is the aloe vera from Rajasthan which priya prepared heself in curd base curry .. with lots of kaju kishmish.. and it was sumptuous .. a grrreat yummy dish.. so sweet and tasty. How can it be so sweet?? Is it because the cashews and kishmish or the preparation or the love from Rajasthan or its a different species ..  To be true, all these details I don’t know. . its a famous Rajasthani dish prepared in variety of styles.. which i could never find in any of my Rajasthan trips.

It’s indeed a great thanks to Nilesh and his wife Priya for preparing it for me with so much of warmth.


Promise to myself- If I am ever able to open my dream restaurant, least four dishes of aloe vera will be part of the grand menu, aloevera-priya, aloevera-nisha, aloevera-auntie, aloevera-me, which I will prepare in my khichdi style (mix n match or say copy paste style..)



  1. hi shalini.. i never knew u are such a good writter.. each every topic of urs is well analysed and well written.. no wonder how u managed top every service course u have done.. i thnk coast guards loss is some private companies gain.. all the very best and good luck for ur future assignments.. (i know aloe vera has nothing to do with this..)

    Comment by venky — February 18, 2009 @ 07:03 | Reply

  2. hi,
    how r u? we are missing to u and missing your comments.

    thanks nilesh

    Comment by nilesh purohit — March 9, 2009 @ 12:56 | Reply

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